KJM Search Log Plugin for WordPress

Have you ever wondered what your real users and visitors are looking for, what are they searching for in your WordPress website? KJM Search Log is a little plugin specifically made for that. The plugin log every search made inside WordPress search engine.

The best use case for this plugin is when you want to know which keywords your visitors are looking for and monitor how many results they got when they searched this string on your website. With this plugin, you can review which searches got many results (an preview them), or, more important, which searches got zero result. Then you can manage to add these keywords to your content for example, so the next search will get some results!

About KJM Search Log Plugin for WordPress

  • Log every search made inside your WordPress website;
  • View logs and sort by keyword, occurrences, results average and date;
  • Group logs by keyword or occurences (hits);
  • Export each logs grouped by keyword or by occurence;
  • Enfold theme compatible : can even log AJAX searches made with Enfold’s search engine!