Terms of Use for Web Hosting

Terms of use of shared web hosting services

By using our shared web hosting services from KAJOOM, you accept the terms of service and terms of service set out below, in addition to the General Terms and Conditions of Service.

Hosted software and security updates

The software and applications hosted on your account must be properly maintained in terms of security. Security updates must be applied immediately following their publication, failing which the work will be carried out by our services and billed at the current hourly rate. In the event of a security problem with your hosting account, it can be suspended without notice, this in order to maintain the quality of our services and protect our facilities.

Sending spam or unsolicited emails

The sending of SPAM emails, phishing attempts, fraudulent emails, and any type of unsolicited mass sending is strictly prohibited. Although we usually warn our users of such situations when they detect them, accounts that are found to make such shipments may be temporarily or permanently deactivated without notice and without possible refund.

Illegal or fraudulent content

Hosting illegal or fraudulent content in any form is strictly prohibited. In case of doubt, your services will be suspended without notice and without possible reimbursement.

Contact us for any questions about our terms of use for web hosting services.