Darcy Poitras

We would like to thank Darcy Poitras who completed a Front-End web development internship at KAJOOM during the fall.

His work well done, his calm and his efficiency in the various projects that we submitted to him were well appreciated! Whether it’s for the development of a headless interface with React, an online chat script, or web integration work on WordPress sites. We had a lot of fun and are sure you will have learned a lot 😉

The whole KAJOOM team wishes you good luck in the rest of your professional career!

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Romar Hamilton

We welcome Romar Hamilton who joins the KAJOOM team as an IT intern.

He doesn’t seem afraid of any task or challenge. It is a “performing” who is not shy. Romar impressed us from the start. And he likes to learn, which is a very important criterion at KAJOOM, especially for our trainees! There is a lot to learn here and it is, in a way, our basic modus operandi. No one escapes it in the field of technologies!

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Kajoom Cloud logo

More than just a cloud, it is a real everyday work tool and an essential component for the management of collaborative projects. You may have noticed that the Kajoom Cloud has been enhanced with many new features and improvements. By the same token, the cloud becomes more than ever the number one place to work on your projects.

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We are looking for a Sales and Customer Service Manager to take a leading role in relations with our customers, partners and suppliers. Read more

KAJOOM News Feed

With the frenetic speed of our lives, information, and development in KAJOOM, we wondered what would be the best way to communicate all kinds of news or links quickly and effectively in a more informal and easy to use format. ‘use. A kind of corporate Twitter, in short! The problem is that the company’s Twitter account was unfortunately (and mysteriously, more details to come …) recently blocked!

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