Follow-up of the incident on one of our servers

Message to customers affected by the incident on one of our servers (SRV1)

On September 4th in the morning, the SRV1 server was the target of a sneak attack that paralyzed the services on this installation. An extremely sophisticated ransomware was inserted on the server which was quickly closed by our technicians, first temporarily, then definitively since it was irretrievable. Read more

Welcome to Marie-Eve Boucher, our new Communications Manager!

We are pleased to introduce Marie-Eve Boucher, new project manager and Communications Manager of KAJOOM. She has joined the team in recent weeks to bring her vision and expertise to the areas of communications.

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Summer sale!

To celebrate the good weather and the confidence of the people of Lanaudière towards Kajoom who has been involved with several players in the region for more than a decade, a 50% discount on the products of our online store will be offered to all those who will enter the promo code Brandon!

Welcome to Ariane Gleize, new project manager at KAJOOM!

We are pleased to introduce Ariane Gleize, new project manager at KAJOOM. She has recently joined our wonderful team to bring her vision and expertise on topics related to the environment, sustainable development, agriculture and ecotourism. Read more

A school with refreshing practices!

A school that allows you to flourish freely!

KAJOOM had the pleasure of recently discovering a school with an absolutely refreshing approach! It’s called The Element High School. Situated in Ottawa, the school offers an educational approach based on the Montessori method. The mission of The Element High School is to immerse young people “in their element” to enable them to flourish through different activities. This idea is at the very foundation of education according to the Montessori approach. Read more