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Électrisante et époustouflante!

KajooMobile (accueil)
August 2019
Marc-Antoine Minville
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KajooMobile is a small website concept designed to promote alternative means of transportation, especially everything related to electric vehicles, through the first electric car of the fleet of KAJOOM that we affectionately called "KajooMobile".

Indeed, KAJOOM is committed to demonstrating its commitment to a healthier planet by setting an example and promoting low-carbon transportation means of transportation. It is in this context that the website kajoomobile.com has been put online.

Among the items of interest on this site, you will find informative capsules, a news section to serve as a travel diary, a survey, news of the Quebec electricity network, a map of EV charging stations near your home, and a contact form to share your comments or to ask us your questions.

On the technical side, the website was created using the WordPress platform. It is a one-page site for simplicity of navigation, plus a notebook to add a little depth. The graphical aspect of the site is based on the excellent Enfold theme. The website is hosted by courtesy of KAJOOM on the SRV1 web hosting server, a green and environmentally friendly server!

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