St Michel Industries

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St-Michel Industries
November 2022
Marc-Antoine Minville
Romar Hamilton
Darcy Poitras
Logo design
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The project began with a creation phase, ie the partial redesign of the graphic material, mainly the company logo. Defining the image is usually the right first step in a web project!

We then developed the new website on a modern basis with WordPress and a Pro theme. This step included a migration to high-performance servers and the conversion of data from the previous site which was in Joomla technology.

One of the most important aspects of the project was to present the product catalog in a pleasant, user-friendly and practical way when it comes time to choose your product model. It was also crucial to maintain the old references to the products in order to maintain search engine positioning.

Even more, we had to combine the products of the current catalog with those of another catalog, that of the company Ébénisterie Claude Goyette, bought in the previous weeks by ISM. It is therefore, as you will have understood, an improved and enhanced product offer that is now offered by the company.

Thanks to our artists and web integrators who are not lacking in creativity, the result once again surpasses expectations with a site that is beautiful to see, modern, with class, highlighting the colors of wood and very easy to access for all customers.

Images du projet