Shopify app development

Management of pickups and delivery of orders

Projet Application Shopify
July 2019
Marc-Antoine Minville
Olivier Hubert
Rahul Meta
Maryam Gadery
Brigitte Gauthier

The client is a company that provides delivery services in France with the particularity of providing a personalized service of couriers and delivery people throughout Paris. The service can as much pick up the product from the supplier as it can deliver it to the end customer. The company also offers a "dropshipping" service.

We were given the mandate to develop a prototype application for Shopify stores that could allow online store owners to use the delivery service in question. Here are some details on the technologies and the work carried out:

  • Application using React, Node.js and PHP; The templating engine is Shopify Polaris;
  • Interfacing with the client's web services platform and use of the custom API;
    First use of BitBucket for source code tracking; We then deployed it all through GitLabs according to customer specifications;
  • Creation of development, testing and quality assurance Shopify stores;
  • Writing user documentation on the installation and use of the app;

We have also evaluated the code of other existing client web applications like a Prestashop module or a WooCommerce plugin. Subsequently, we worked on adding features to the WordPress WooCommerce plugin.

Images du projet