New DirectAdmin Theme

  • New DirectAdmin Theme

    New DirectAdmin theme more modern.

  • Choice of alternative themes

    Ability to choose among other themes, for “power-users”

  • KAJOOM special improvements

    Several special improvements “Kajoom”: optimized theme for French Canada, addition of the editor with syntax highlighting, adaptations.

  • Ability to merge email accounts

    Move all emails and folders to another mailbox, to retrieve emails before closing an account for example (made on request).

  • Shared email folders

    Ability to “mount” a mailbox and its subfolders in a folder inside another mailbox of the same account (made on request).

  • Free SSL Certificates Let’s Encrypt

    Easily and quickly install a free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate on each of your domains and subdomains from the DirectAdmin panel.

  • New DNS types

    Domain and DNS security with DNSsec, DMARC, CAA, TLSA and DKIM.

  • SSL by default

    Secure SSL connection by default on all services (DirectAdmin, Webmail, PhpMyAdmin, POP, IMAP, SMTP, FTP)

  • Latest software releases

    Versions of all updated applications (DirectAdmin, RoundCube, PhpMyAdmin, etc.)

  • PHP 7

    PHP 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2 versions available in the PHP selector

  • New applications

    NodeJS, Composer, Git, Duplicity, Sed and Screen installed and accessible on all user accounts

  • Syntax coloring

    Text file editor with syntax highlighting (html, js, css, xml, txt, etc.)

  • Disk space indicator

    Syntax coloring

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