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Le Grand Élan
March 2020
Marc-Antoine Minville
Daniel Berriault
Patrick Béland
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Patrick Béland from "Le Grand Élan" is a graphic design and multimedia professional well established in Nunavut (in Canada's far north). The project consisted in integrating the new version of the website offering a more modern and refined look, thus better highlighting the admirable work and the services offered by the company.

The first phase of work focused on the integration of the new website which would change, after all, a lot: web hosting migration, new website and theme, new content arranged in one-page mode and a refined style. The whole original concept of the layout and content was created by Patrick himself, who offers computer graphics and web design services! One of the main challenges to be met in this context was "responsive" optimization, that is to say the display of elements for mobile and tablets.

The second phase of development of the site consisted in making the website trilingual, that is to say: French, English, Inuktituk. The web developers that we are used to are bilingual English-French websites which are quite common here in Canada and elsewhere in the world. The layout of content composed of glyphs from a language which is unknown to us sometimes poses its challenges ... For example, the word "inuktituk" is written as follows in this language: "ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ". However, we were able to count on the help and the excellent translation provided by "Le Grand Élan" who is used to create and translate content from English to Inuktituk and vice versa.

We invite you to visit the website and call on the services of "Le Gran Élan" for your multimedia needs, whether you are in northern Canada or elsewhere in the territory, creativity, The expertise and professionalism of this team will undoubtedly ensure the success of your project.

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