Le jardin comestible de vos rêves

Logo and website update

Le jardin comestible de vos rêves inc.
April 2020
Marc-Antoine Minville
Daniel Berriault
Éliane Vincent
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Le jardin de vos rêves is a well-known landscaping company in the Saint-Cléophas region in Lanaudière. Full of resources and creativity, Étienne, Ariane and their team carry out all kinds of residential, municipal and commercial landscaping projects. They also have a nursery of fruit trees and other shrubs or plants specially selected for their cultivation in our Quebec climates.

Having at heart the coexistence of human beings with their environment as well as the ability of all to have access to healthy food, the company wishes to direct its action more in the field of edible landscaping, one of their great strengths. , which is why a name change has been put forward to better reflect this new orientation.

The new name given to the company is: Le jardin comestible de vos rêves

Our mandate has therefore been broken down into two facets:

  1. Logo update
  2. Partial redesign of the website

First, it was a question of updating the brand image and therefore the logo based on the current logo which contains an eye and a tree inside. This must contain several fairly detailed graphic elements, the full name of the company and a ".com" to invite you to visit the website, to be able to adapt to the different vehicles used by the company, in addition to serve as a basis for the new stationery. A masterful work by Éliane from Studios Sigma, in accordance with the client's instructions, who had a fairly precise vision of the new logo, which resulted in a real work of art!

Subsequently, a bank of hours for updating the website was deployed so that our web masters and web developers can work to update the website in accordance with the new orientation.

Several challenges were taken up within the framework of this project. On the one hand, because the previously used WordPress theme (Namo) no longer offered support or updates from their developers, which prompted us to transfer and convert the content for the use of another theme that is better supported while providing similar functionality (Enfold). Some of the layout styles of the previous site have been reproduced, while we have also taken the opportunity to integrate some new features, including lettering more compatible with that of the logo, as well as the use of beautiful public notices using the KJM Admin Notices plugin if necessary!

On the other hand, a domain name change was planned from lejardindevosreves.com to lejardincomestibledevosreves.com, which required some preparation work so that everything redirects correctly (URLs, domains, emails, etc.). This is particularly important for example in order to maintain good indexing of pages in search engines (SEO).

New on the site in addition to the new images: new pages to present the Training and conferences given during the year, a tab for the Nursery that takes up the gallon in the company, as well as an Event page for projects under the hat of Labyrinths of Abundance which is the name given to the entire event portion of the service offering developed by LJCDVR.

We can't wait to see the new projects and achievements of Le jardin comestible de vos rêves (Edible Gardens of your dreams) team and wish them a great 2020 season!

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