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Kinesiology consulting services via distance learning

Télékin inc.
February 2020
Marc-Antoine Minville
Marie-Eve Boucher
Éliane Vincent (Studios Sigma)
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A healthy mind in a healthy body. This is a maxim that applies to the Télékin company and its mission which is to promote good physical condition of the population through the development of personalized training plans whose exercises are easily achievable from the House.

Company founder Carl Baumier is a former Olympic canoe-kayak athlete with more than 25 years of physical activity experience. His expertise is therefore very well anchored in experience. His idea was to make available to his clientele a personal trainer-kinesiologist who could make them a series of tailor-made exercises as well as support them throughout their physical conditioning process.

In order to reach a large audience that is getting more and more information through the web and social networks, we had the mandate to develop a SEO and web marketing campaign that would highlight the project and the services offered. . This is how we proposed a first promotional plan which included among others:

Our team therefore takes action by writing promotional content including an article on a blog, by carrying out various optimizations for in-site SEO, by promoting presence on the web, by creating backlinks (retro-links) and by creating a set of personalized ads that have been featured on the web.

A set of reports on the performance and results of the actions carried out has finally made it possible to analyze the scope of the actions undertaken, their repercussions and to adjust the course for the next campaign.

You can learn more about Télékin's service by visiting their website: www.telekin.ca

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