Setting up new Terms of Use for Web Hosting

Needless to say, nowadays it is imperative to keep web applications up-to-date for security of your data and installations, better performance and maintaining your web reputation. We want to maintain unparalleled quality of service and unparalleled…


WordPress Hosting

WordPress Maintenance Plan

Update service carried out regularly by a Web specialist for your WordPress, Joomla or Drupal site and the third-party extensions installed there (themes, modules, templates, plugins, widgets, components, libraries, language files).
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Performance Web Hosting

When speed and security are top priorities, go for the mind-blowing performance of Nginx! We have designed the Performance hosting range with the best in security and speed. Experience it now!

Business Solutions

The basis of your organization is your product or service: its quality, its cachet, its price. We optimize your processes using technology and IT to improve your product, the way it is delivered, managed, counted. We transform your most repetitive or boring tasks into an exciting and easy-to-use adventure.

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Regroupement québécois des femmes en environnement

Kajoom has redesigned their existing drupal website to make it more dynamic, modern and accessible. We also moved the hosting of the new site to our servers. To revitalize and modernize the RQFE website, we first added a slideshow at…