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Vtiger CRM software version 7.3 released

After a long work of integrating the fixes and patches offered by the community of developers of the free version of Vtiger CRM, the long awaited version 7.3 is finally released with an emphasis on security, stability, bug fixing and compatibility with PHP 7.3+.

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Vtiger CRM project

Vtiger CRM project

As part of this project, we had the opportunity to complete a full upgrade of an existing Vtiger CRM installation and the development of many new Vtiger features and modules. Assessment of the IT infrastructure and proposal of an upgrade…
Mika CRM

Mika CRM – Application d’entreprise

Mika CRM est un système complet de gestion de la relation client permettant de faire le suivi avec vos clients et ce, partout en tout temps. Pour en savoir plus : Mika CRM


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The basis of your organization is your product or service: its quality, its cachet, its price. We optimize your processes using technology and IT to improve your product, the way it is delivered, managed, counted. We transform your most repetitive or boring tasks into an exciting and easy-to-use adventure.