On September 27th, a global strike movement for the planet will unfold in Quebec and around the world. The global demonstration movement initiated by young people has spread more widely to all layers of society.

Kajoom is thrilled to see this mobilization and is proud to announce that, in support and solidarity with this initiative, Kajoom will show its support by a symbolic strike on Friday, September 27th, from 12:00 to 13:00.
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We are pleased to introduce Francisco Fernández, new intern in web development at Kajoom. He joined the team over the summer to provide the company with his expertise in areas related to programming and the development of applications and websites. Read more

La brise s’est rafraîchit, le soleil s’est adoucit, septembre est parmi nous avec son lot de nouveautés et de fraîcheur! C’est la rentrée et chez Kajoom, nous sommes prêts à commencer l’année en grand! Notre équipe bouillonne de projets, d’innovations et de changements que nous avons envie de vous partager afin que vous puissiez vous réjouir avec nous! Read more