We are pleased to introduce Francisco Fernández, new intern in web development at Kajoom. He joined the team over the summer to provide the company with his expertise in areas related to programming and the development of applications and websites.

Francisco is currently completing his end-of-training internship at KAJOOM as part of his college diploma in web and desktop application programming at Cégep Heritage College.

Through his experiences and studies, Francisco has gained solid skills in web development and web positioning (SEO). He also has a solid knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript, which makes him an important addition to our team.

His role in the team

Francisco supports our team of technicians in the various stages of the creation of websites for our clients and collaborates in the maintenance of existing ones. His great mastery of the digital world makes him a prime candidate for KAJOOM! Francisco is also trilingual (french, spanish and english)! This asset will allow us to expand our range of services to customers!

Did you know?

In addition to being a programmer, Francisco is a classic guitarist. While studying music at the University of Mexico, he developed applications for research, teaching, sound synthesis and piano tuning using Java, C, PureData and Octave as programming tools.

We are very happy to add him to our team and we wish him good luck in his new duties!



Francisco Fernández
Intern in web development
Phone : 450-840-1001 compose #8, then #117
Toll-Free : 1-844-440-1001 compose #8, then #117
Email : francisco@kajoom.ca