Welcome to Francisco Fernández, intern in web development

We are pleased to introduce Francisco Fernández, new intern in web development at Kajoom. He joined the team over the summer to provide the company with his expertise in areas related to programming and the development of applications and websites. Francisco…


Server connectors

Performance Web Hosting

When speed and security are top priorities, go for the mind-blowing performance of Nginx! We have designed the Performance hosting range with the best in security and speed. Experience it now!

Kajoom Cloud

The Kajoom Cloud is a very versatile cloud-based platform that brings together all your emails, calendars, tasks, notes, documents, passwords and more in one place. This information can be synchronized between your various devices, computers, mobiles, tablets, software, in order to have up-to-date information at all times, at your fingertips!

Portfolio Items

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eKaza – CMS Software

Development project of a web content management software mainly carried out in PHP and MySQL.

KJM Admin Notices – Plugin for WordPress

KJM Admin Notices is a plugin to help administrators of WordPress sites to communicate with other members of the site through pretty notifications in the admin part of a WordPress site and also optionally by sending these notices by email. To…