News from KAJOOM this fall

Weeks and months go by, the hours online to build the Internet, sometimes undo and redo it, multiple cafes swallowed and meetings, deployments and analyzes, …

In short, it was high time that we give you some news about the team of KAJOOM, current projects and news in our services 😉 Because yes, it moves a lot by home, as always!

Some recent projects

Our projects are more and more diversified as much in their types as in their nature. In doing so, we can not always talk about it publicly or display it in our portfolio. However, we can certainly share some of the good things:

Technical support, new improved version

Have you had the opportunity to talk or share with our technical support recently? You may have noticed our brand new Technical Support Department improved version!

Indeed, a full team of technicians is now deployed throughout the week to meet your requests. As it is supported by a call center IP telephony system and a support ticket system, you now have access to an even faster, more accessible and more efficient service.

Whether it’s a computer problem, a concern with your emails or a bug on your website, technical support is the place to go for help. Our technicians will make it a point to respond adequately and quickly to your requests.

To apply, simply use one of the following means:

Web department being redesigned!

Another novelty that is rather under development is our web department … In fact, no, obviously, the web department is probably the first department created in Kajoom at the start! But let me explain: these last two years have seen our business solutions take on a considerable scale, as well as our IT development projects.

So much so that we found ourselves faced with a fairly common dilemma for a growing business: all our developers, technicians, webmasters and project managers were so busy that at some point they were not enough for the job. When you grow up, everyone gradually takes a little more until everyone is saturated and you have to hire and then form new heads …

Our web department has suffered a little in my opinion (website creation, site redesign, small projects, etc.), which is why we are now raising the bar by welcoming new wind. Welcome to Hiral (web development), new to the team recently and Julien (web and artistic direction) who is a kind of comeback in Kajoom! A redesign or rather a reorganization of our web department is ongoing to make it on the cutting edge and even more diverse.

Business Solutions

As we mentioned above, business solutions are a sector that is currently in the vanguard, among the novelties in this area:

Kajoom celebrates 10 years!

What date can we consider as the date of birth of a company? Is it during the original idea, the plan on paper, the registration or incorporation of the company, the reservation of the domain name? It is this last definition that we have retained. Must be of his time!

In April 2008 was reserved the domain name ‘’ as well as some other names of extensions in order to start a project a little ambitious, that of constituting one of the best boxes of web development in the region of Lanaudière. The model is innovative in that KAJOOM federates autonomous workers, allowing to reconcile professional life and family life, in a team of thunder that can meet virtually every conceivable need in the field of web and computer.

We will keep you informed of the following news… Wishing you a beautiful fall!