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Things are happening, it is teeming with activity in the web agency to the point where it sometimes becomes difficult to count them. Whether it’s our new products and services, ongoing projects internally and for our clients, infrastructure improvements, etc. Here is some fresh news from KAJOOM at the start of 2021, which is already well underway!

Green business

KAJOOM has been a green company from the start, a well-kept secret and we currently have the impression of making our “coming out” about it … Those who know us well know that the environment has always been at the heart of our values ​​and our concerns. You only need to consult the list of projects in which we have taken part in recent years to see our strong commitment to the environment.

  • Find out more about KAJOOM’s commitment to the environment

For those who are still not convinced or who would like to know more, you can also have a look at the profile of the founder of the company (Marc-Antoine Minville) to examine his journey in the agri-food and environment which preceded the creation. of the web agency.

Team and projects

Our team is doing well! Marc-Antoine is rather busy doing the octopus between all the departments, Olivier applies to him to the programming of sites, while Daniel works as always in the maintenance and the putting on line of contents and pages on various sites. Erick, our technician and IT consultant is taking the gallon in the team, we are very happy because his expertise is really varied in several areas including SEO! Mathieu continues to assist us on the network when we need it, with his countless knowledge and expertise in systems administration. The design department is also particularly busy these days since we have several projects at the drawing table stage 🙂 Among the projects that are underway, some websites of SMEs and new companies that we are looking forward to to reveal yourself … To be continued!

Products and services

Many novelties in the offer of products and services have been introduced and the same scenario can still be expected for the whole current year. Our customer area is also becoming more and more essential to manage your active services, place an order or pay an invoice. All management is centralized in one place.

Hosted Applications: We have added the Piwigo and Koken Photo Galleries as products that can be booked directly online.
Wix Builder: Because our customers demand it!
Anti-Spam Pro: The ultimate protection for your email.
SSL Certificates: When a simple free SSL certificate does not do the weight for the importance of your online reputation, it is better to opt for a real SSL certificate issued by a recognized certification authority.
SiteLock: To add an additional level of protection to your website against attacks, malware, hackers and viruses.
VPN: The ability to browse securely and privately is no longer a luxury these days, probably even a must … We are therefore adding VPN accounts to our offer, which will satisfy many who had it. request!
Web hosting: All our packages have been revised and improved. We would like to continue to say that we offer the best web hosting offer available to our knowledge in Canada! In addition, our servers are green and our company has a strong environmental conscience. Find out more here.
Maintenance Plans: All of our web application maintenance and update plans have been revised to offer a truly unbeatable set of services to pamper your WordPress site like never before!
SEO and Web Marketing: We are finally unveiling our web marketing services platform called Refere-Moi.Ca. Power your site with a suite of SEO tools!

As well as several other products and services added in the last few months, see the store for a full look.

Servers and Network

We have made several improvements to our infrastructure, our servers and our network in general. Here is an overview.

Better spam protection for inbound and outbound emails offered by default on standard hosting.
The new SANDY1 server is in the process of being put into production, welcome to Sandy1!
Added support for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on most services;
Added support for authentication using application keys (Application Keys or Login Keys) on several services including the DirectAdmin panel and the Kajoom Cloud;
Improvement of the network status page on our customer area;
Websites and documentation

In order to clarify our service offering but also to provide all kinds of useful and additional information to our customers, we are in the process of in-depth review and updating of the content available on our platforms.

The KAJOOM Documentation has been updated and the theme adapted to better match the main site;
The Knowledge Base integrated into the customer area has been considerably enhanced with questions and answers relevant to our customers and real users.
The Services section on our website has been improved and will be under construction for a while yet, since things are going quite well at KAJOOM!
The KAJOOM News Feed is a new communication tool that allows us to share all kinds of news in real time with our users.

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