Create, manage and display to admin users nice custom dismissable notices.


KJM Admin Notices

KJM Admin Notices plugin version 2.0 brings frontend publication!

Here is an important step in the KJM Admin Notices plugin evolution: the possibility of publishing a notice (notification) on your public site. Whether it's to announce important news, a promotion, a temporary message to all your visitors, a…
KJM Admin Notices on

KJM Admin Notices, a new plugin on

It is my pleasure to introduce you to our new baby, a WordPress plugin freshly released from the Kajoom.Ca web development workshop, I named: KJM Admin Notices! It is simply a plugin to help administrators of WordPress sites to communicate…

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KJM Admin Notices – Plugin for WordPress

KJM Admin Notices is a plugin to help administrators of WordPress sites to communicate with other members of the site through pretty notifications in the admin part of a WordPress site and also optionally by sending these notices by email. To…