Mike Duggan – City councillor in Gatineau

Mike Duggan, A very special city councilor in Gatineau Mike Duggan is a municipal councilor for the Deschênes District of the City of Gatineau. This district is located in the heart of Aylmer, a small town merged in 2002 in the great Gatineau…

The Music of Michel Demars

The new website of Michel Demars Michel Demars evolves in a world of sound concepts, he is a multimedia artist/music composer. Most of his works are used as soundtracks for films, television shows, documentaries and many multimedia experiments. Michel…

Portfolio Items

Website redesign for Northern Counselling and Therapeutic Services (NCTS)

Northern Counseling and Therapeutic Services (NCTS) is a community-based group of professionals in the fields of mental health and well-being. They offer counseling services, psychological assessments and counseling services to individuals,…

Mike Duggan – A Green Politician in Gatineau

Mike wanted a bilingual, adaptive, blog-style site with interactive and informative maps. It had to be easy to share on social networks. The work was done over a period of two months and continues with a maintenance plan and a bank of hours…


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