KAJOOM is once again committed to the environment and biodiversity by supporting the establishment of the 16th edition of the Lanaudière Seed Festival, an agrifood and festive event on the theme of ecological and organic seeds produced here at Quebec and the Lanaudière region.

This event is now part of an increasingly popular tradition with amateur gardeners, organic farmers and gourmets and curious people from all over Quebec. In fact, this type of event which normally takes place in the middle of winter is making a splash and we find more similar events every year throughout Quebec and Canada.

The original concept was born with the Heritage Seed Program of Canada in 2001, a network dedicated to the conservation of plant species. These are annual festivals that highlight the vital aspect of biodiversity and the preservation of cultivars of our heritage. These events are also intended as spaces for exchanges and festive meetings.

Several of our customers participate each year, including Semences du Portage, The edible garden of your dreams, Jardins de l’Écoumène, Colloidal Editions and the Brandon Market to name a few. We therefore wish everyone a wonderful weekend and let the 2020 growing season begin!

Thanks to Daniel Berriault for his work on this year’s website and to Alex Boisdequin-Lefort for his patience and his time!

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