The biggest event for people who act and decide in ERE, from June 20th to  June 30th, 2017 in 10 regions of Quebec and in Montreal.

The creation of the website is the result of a good collaboration with the members of the Centr’ERE team at UQAM and the AQPERE. A huge thank you to all!

Excerpts from the newsletter that launched the website this morning :

We are pleased to announce the launch of the website 6th World Planetary Forum 2017.

The event will take place in 10 regions of Quebec from June 20th  to June  25th , 2017 and in Montreal from June 25th  to June 30th , 2017.

This major event will bring together stakeholders and deciders in environmental education (ERE) of the “Francophonie” and represent a unique opportunity for exchanging and sharing of knowledge and experiences.

The program features presentations, debates and many other activities related to ERA issues.

Lo learn more :