A new version of the Kajoom Cloud has been brought online, bringing many new features and improvements. An ideal tool for teamwork, telecommuting and interconnectivity. Try it now!

What’s new in the new version?

Among the new features offered:

  • Teleconference discussions and meetings
  • Online editing of Word, Excel and Powerpoint files
  • New password manager
  • Ability to create MarkDown files
  • All apps have been improved


Migrate your keychain passwords!

The old password management application is no longer supported in the new version of the Cloud. If you are using the password keychain, you can migrate all of your passwords using the following procedure.

A collaborative tool

The Kajoom Cloud is a practical tool that centralizes your data in one place and allows you to share what is important with your employees, customers or friends. With many apps including Documents, Webmail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Passwords, find out how this service can increase your productivity. Easily connect to the Kajoom Cloud using your KAJOOM email account.

To find out more

Many features are available on the Kajoom Cloud. To learn more, see our documentation.