The rapid progression of the coronavirus has many consequences for our daily lives.

As we strive to adapt and navigate this constantly changing environment, our priority remains at all times to ensure the full functioning and reliability of our web hosting and other digital services.

KAJOOM, a digital company!

The good news is that KAJOOM has been, since its inception, a company based on the telecommuting of its members who are located all over Quebec and even around the world. So there is no noticeable change in the way we operate.

Tools for teleworking

The products and services we offer are often used to optimize work on the road or from home. Here are some examples of tools you can use to work remotely:

  • Kajoom Cloud: The ideal tool for remote work. Synchronize your files, calendars, contacts, tasks. Share with your colleagues and friends. Access your content from all your devices. Discover the Kajoom Cloud.
  • Webmail: If you do not have access to your usual e-mail software (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail), you can still view and send e-mail from Webmail. Two versions are offered: RoundCube and RainLoop (via the Kajoom Cloud).
  • WordPress website: Your website is ideal for remote work and this is one of its greatest strengths. Update your website, keep your visitors informed of the latest news. Our webmaster can also help you on request.

Likewise, if we have to communicate with our customers, we have teleconferencing software that makes it easy to attend meetings, either by phone or through your computer.

Contact us for the possibilities

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