We need manpower at Kajoom these days! We are currently looking to fill out different contractual positions. Ideal for a supplementary income for students or self-employed persons.

Our needs

We are looking for people to fill out these positions (in order of priority):

  1. Administrative support (accounts receivable management, customer service, help with all administrative tasks)
  2. PHP Web Development (mainly for WordPress, but also in all kinds of other software or contexts)
  3. Social Network Management / Web Marketing / SEO (good knowledge of modern web, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Co., good communication skills)
  4. Web content editor (comfortable with texts, French, English, comfortable with editing content in web platforms like WordPress)

We prefer long term collaborations (possibility of progress in the organization), but we are open to different arrangements. The majority of the work can be done remotely, in telework. Basically, all you need to do is to be comfortable with computers and office tasks, to be autonomous, very flexible and willing to learn new things quickly.


Consult our section of job offers if you want to know more about the type of work and skills sought (all the needs are not there yet, they are only examples, we will update them soon .. so if you think that your talents could benefit Kajoom, do not hesitate to contact us!).

To apply, simply contact us as you please and send us your references / CV / presentations using the contact details below:

Marc-Antoine Minville – Kajoom.Ca


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