The restaurant L’Amuse-Bouche is a little gem that borders the shore of the St. Lawrence River in the picturesque village of Kamouraska. It includes a summer-style cuisine grills, tapas, and a variety of local products.

It is a place, but also a link between the river and the prodigal land of Kamouraska. The amuse-bouche is nestled there. It is an appeal to all our senses.

When L’Amuse-Bouche’s team contacted us, it was a matter of redesigning the website to make it a more up-to-date communication tool, compatible for mobiles and also, in harmony with the rest of the (beautiful) promo material and the image of the restaurant that is rather in the style “Art Deco”. All to be ready for the 2017 summer season …

We have opted for a one-page adaptive website that presents and collects relevant information in an interesting and dynamic mobile and tablet browsing experience. A graphic model has been developed that harmonizes perfectly with the Art Deco style and the colors of menus and other existing graphic materials.

The result is a site with a beautiful personality, playing in shades of black and white, and specially unique! Thanks to all the Kajoom team and L’Amuse-Bouche for this great achievement and we wish you a very prolific season 2017 at the bistro 🙂

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