Entries by Marc-Antoine Minville

Vtiger CRM software version 7.3 released

After a long work of integrating the fixes and patches offered by the community of developers of the free version of Vtiger CRM, the long awaited version 7.3 is finally released with an emphasis on security, stability, bug fixing and compatibility with PHP 7.3+.

Summer sale!

To celebrate the good weather and the confidence of the people of Lanaudière towards Kajoom who has been involved with several players in the region for more than a decade, a 50% discount on the products of our online store will be offered to all those who will enter the promo code Brandon!

News from KAJOOM this fall

Weeks and months go by, the hours online to build the Internet, sometimes undo and redo it, multiple cafes swallowed and meetings, deployments and analyzes, …

In short, it was high time that we give you some news about the team of KAJOOM, current projects and news in our services 😉 Because yes, it moves a lot by home, as always!

Improved web hosting for 2018!

The year 2018 brings us some nice new features on KAJOOM web hosting. Numerous additions and improvements have been made with the goal of always providing a better customer experience, better performance and better security.