You may have seen the news of Kajoom.Ca’s move to the main web server last September. Indeed, the server “box49” began to be full and also to have had its day. The episode where the hard drive had blown a few weeks ago had given us the warning that a change was to be expected soon. It’s done, and the beast rolls beautifully. We are proud to tell you that your sites run on a much more powerful server than before.

Stability, Safety, Performance

The server settings are very similar to the old server, but we can note a major major change: each of the accounts now benefits from CloudLinux technology to create a “wall of fire” between each user on the server. This means that your websites and other services will be much better protected against all the inconveniences caused by other accounts hosted on the same server. This is a major improvement for both safety and performance and stability.

Another important addition is the Installatron service is now available on all hosting accounts and allows you to update your web application as well as scheduled full backups fully automated. It can save you a lot of time …

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