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We are a web development and web design box based in Lanaudiere. We create drupal-friendly websites with WordPress, great apps, breathtaking designs. We are in solution mode.

Our expertise and services go beyond computing or web design. We are a multi-disciplinary team that can meet all your web and marketing communications needs.

Need an expert to put your website or blog on the map? Do not search anymore!

Trust the experience, expertise and talent of the Kajoom.Ca team for your website or projects in IT, SEO, design, design, web marketing, social networking, web hosting, redesign web site optimization, search engine optimization and, of course, maintenance of your web installations, whether you use WordPress or other CMS software like Joomla, Drupal, etc. We have the expertise!

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Originally, WordPress, which is free software written in PHP, was primarily oriented for the publication of blogs, but over the years, it is now one of the most popular software for setting up all kinds of sites. Web. It is great for its ease of use and great support provided by a very active community. Our customers love it, and so do we!

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